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Inccor Seguro de crédito broker

Credit Insurance EXPERTS

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INCCOR Insurance Partner is a brokerage firm specialized in Credit Insurance
and additional services related to the insurance,
management and financing of trade receivables.
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Consultores Integrales en Riesgos Corporativos, especializados en Seguro de Crédito y servicios adicionales relacionados con la protección, gestión y financiamiento de las Cuentas por Cobrar de las empresas.

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Seguro de crédito broker, Seguro de cartera  Credit Insurance

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Seguro de crédito broker México  Complementary services
  • Credit Management procedures.

    Debtors commercial, financial and legal backgrounds.

    Debt collection services.

    Financing, leasing and factoring options.

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We propose flexible solutions to monitor your clients and prospects´ legal background and financial situation,
to help you take the appropriate commercial decisions and keep your business healthy and profitable in the long-term.

Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance protects your Company against the risk of non-payment from your customers for insolvency, protracted default or political events.

Credit Insurance protects your domestic and export sales on credit, through three services:

Portfolio risk prevention and monitoring

The Insurance Company investigates, analyses and monitors your customers financial situation and payment behaviour.

Debt collection

In case of non-payment from a customer, the Insurance Company will recover the debt.

Indemnification for non-payment

The Insurance Company will indemnify the loss in a short period (between 1 and 5 months) and up to 90%, after the collection process.

Develop your business safely at local and international level, increasing your sales on credit to customers covered under the Credit Insurance policy.   
90% of Mexican companies are familiar.   
Because of the lack of succession and institutionalization plans, 75% of them go bankrupt in the second generation and 90% in the third.   

Develop your business safely at local and international level by increasing your sales on credit to customers covered under the Credit Insurance policy.   

Benefits of working with INCCOR

No additional cost for your Company
Our consulting services and representation with credit insurers do not generate any additional cost for your Company.
Priviledged access to the best market conditions
Our experience, expertise and persuasiveness allow us to obtain the best conditions of the market.
Unique expertise

You get a complete and objective analysis of the credit insurers proposals to select the one that best fits your needs.

An experienced and proactive team dedicated to your needs
You benefit from the permanent support of our experts team throughout the duration of your credit insurance contract.


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